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  • Local, national and international transports.

    Transports to any location, repatriations. A huge auto fleet. English-speaking staff.
  • Burial in any location.

    Burials according to local traditions.
  • Cremations. The only crematory in La Axarquia.

    Special room for watching the cremation, delivery of ashes at home, burial of ashes or spreading of ashes in the sea and more.
  • Own tanatory and crematory.

    Air conditioned viewing rooms, coffee shop, funeral chapel installation at home for viewing.
  • Thanatopraxy room

    Thanatopraxy room and deceased conservation in the cleanest higeny conditions.
  • Urns and reliquaries.

    We have biodegradable urns.
  • Exhibition rooms for coffins.

    We have also ecological coffins.
  • Ceremony in our chapel for any religion.

    A great variety of priests of any religion works with us. Catering and musical service.
  • Flowers service.

    Garlands, bouquets of flowes and flowers centers with recordatory tapes.
  • Obituary in newspapers, recordatories and signature book.

  • Own perfomance of gravestones, graves and pantheons.

    Own factory, exposition room and salesmen at home.
  • Processing and management of requets.

    Death certificates, local register inscription, consulate management, leal assesment, last wills, insurance and more.
  • Funerary plans.

    We plan your funeral service in advance adapted to your needs with easy economic plans and the quietness of having everything solved for the future.
    For further info about this product: 952501581